Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale and Exclusive Games!

It’s that’s special time of year again, and to celebrate we’re having a Christmas sale! 50% off I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo until the 13th of January! Plus a chance to get your hands on our latest project a month before it’s officially released!

Christmas Sale!

That’s right! For 1 whole month starting today, literally the only game we charge money for is half price! Makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside right?

I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo is the first expansion to the free game, I’d Watch That. The rules are simple and the game play is fast paced. Each player is tasked with finding 1 of each of the 5 different cards. When placed together, these cards describe the plot of an insane movie. The last player to do so takes on the role of an awards committee. The awards committee picks an awards category at random, and then chooses which film they think is best deserving of the award!

Did we say the first game was free? We did! That means, because of this sale, you can get a game with a whopping 232 cards for only 50p (gbp)! So why not gather round the table this holiday season, play a friendly game, share some laughs, and watch as sweet ol’ nana describes a film where a your favourite actor takes on the role of Sherlock Holmes to engage Al-Qaeda in a blazing rap battle. We should probably mention this game is definitely for mature audiences only.

I'd Watch That

Exclusive Game!

If you head on over to our Patreon page and become one of our patrons, you’ll be able to get your hands on our latest game a whole month before anyone else. Anyone who donates $3 (USD) or more will be able to download the first expansion to our most popular game, ‘How to: Drink the Beer?‘. The expansion entitled ‘How to: Stop the Runs?’ adds 30 new question cards and 48 new item cards. And, anyone who signs up to the Origin City Hero reward level ($5 or more) before Christmas Day, will receive a voucher code to get this new expansion for free! It’s a Christmas miracle!

How to Stop the Runs

How to Stop the Runs

How to Stop the Runs

How to Stop the Runs


That’s everything for now, but do have a happy holiday and a fantastic new years!

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