About Curious Dreamer Games

Curious Dreamer Games is a Norwich (UK) based indie developer of tabletop games.

“Hi there. My name is Bret Canny and I run this website. You’ll often see me write ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘The Team’ when posting to these pages, but the reality is I pretty much do this entirely alone. Of course, I’m supported by some wonderful people, and sometimes seek help for the jobs I have yet to master. However I invent the games, create the artwork, produce the cards, pen the rules and publish the games online myself. I even recently had a Kick-starter Campaign successfully funded. That being said, I couldn’t do any of it without my fantastic family, friends, supporters (pssst, that means you) or my biggest fan, Molly the Dog.”

Molly Collage

“So why do I make these games? Well, to be honest I’ve made games all my life, just for fun. I mostly took existing games and would alter them in some way to create something new. I never really considered sharing these games with the public though. I mostly just played them with friends. However, after an accident a few years ago I was given the opportunity to reflect on my life, and the things I wanted moving forward. I’d made these games as a hobby, but the thought of doing what I loved full time quickly overtook me. I began to explore ways of making my dream a reality, first through computer game design, then mobile apps, finally settling on card and board games design.”

“So, I put together this website, CuriousDreamerGames.Com, where I could upload the games I’ve created and hopefully keep the majority of them available to print and play for free. Like I’ve said already though, your support is what keeps me going and is helping me fulfill my dreams. Without you none of this would be possible and I honestly cannot express how much it means to me, or ever thank someone enough when they choose to support my work.”

“Much love, Molly the Dog and Bret ‘The Curious Dreamer’ Canny”

Curious Dreamer Games