Champions Showdown

Friday Update #5 – Champions Showdown

This week saw the launch of our latest title ‘Champions Showdown‘. A free trading card game which can be downloaded and printed out to play right now. Check it out in the All Ages Games section above.

Champions Showdown

Champions Showdown‘ is a game about 4 factions going to war. The game consists of only 12 cards, of which 3 are Superheroes, 3 are Zombies, 3 are Pirates and 3 are Ninjas. However, for a game with so few cards there’s quite a lot of play to be had. Included with the game are 4 separate sets of rules, making for 4 completely different ways to play. This, in essence, means that Champions Showdown is in fact 4 games in 1.

Champions Showdown

Free Trading Card Game

We’ve taken to calling ‘Champions Showdown‘ a trading card game because of the style of the cards included. They have a simple design with more focus on the characters they portray rather than the rules to the games. This was an intentional choice because we knew we wanted the game to be very flexible. You may also notice some familiar faces from other Curious Dreamer Games appearing as characters on the cards.

Champions Showdown

The Rules

Each of the cards has a type (‘Ninja’ for instance), and each card beats another type (Pirate for instance). This simple mechanic has been used to create 4 very different gameplay experiences.

Superhero Rules

The Superhero rules make for the longest of the games. We struggled to think of another game to compare it to, but if you enjoy arguing over whether Pirates could beat Ninjas in a fight then this is the game for you.

Zombie Rules

The Zombie rules make for the fastest game, with rules very similar to the traditional card game ‘Snap’. However, Zombie rules add some minor complications in the fact that each player is limited to which cards they are allowed to play. This game is for those than enjoy fast paced and hectic play.

Pirate Rules

The Pirate rules can best be compared to the card game ‘cheat’ or the dice game ‘liars dice’. Each player is tasked with discarding all the cards in their hand. The challenge comes in the fact that players are only allowed to discard certain cards, and every card is discarded facedown. It’s each players job to sniff out when the other players are lying, and to bluff well enough to not get caught in a lie themselves. A game for those with a perfect poker face, or nose for the truth.

Ninja Rules

Finally the Ninja rules make for the most tactical experience. The game is played in turns with each player choosing one of their cards to send to into battle. The aim of the game is to have your cards beat the cards of the other players, without getting beaten yourself. A game for those with a real eye for strategic planning, and maybe even some treachery.

Overall we’re very proud of what we’ve made here. This free trading card game is a good example of how to make great games using such simple, almost rock>paper>scissors style mechanics. Plus we really like the cartoony artwork. AND it’s a free trading card game, which rocks!

Champions Showdown

Other Curious News

This week we began work on a new game with the working title ‘Pixel Fighters’. The aim is to recreate arcade 2d fighting game classics in a board game format. It’s very early days however, and being quite an ambitions project this may be some time away from completion. If you’d like to follow the progress of the game then head on over to our Patreon page where we’ll be keeping you up to date on our Patreon exclusive feed.

Also, this week marked the one month aniversary of our website! Hurray! [Insert a picture of a party hat and the sound effect of one of those party unrolly blower things here]

So what does that mean for the website? Well very little to be honest. We first started with an aim to have a functioning online store and 5 games uploaded. So far it’s mission acomplished. However we are going to cut back on the Friday updates. Instead of a weekly report of the goings on here at CDG-HQ, we’ll instead bring you news updates as and when it’s needed. Game creation can be a lengthy progress and we’d hate to launch an update each week if we don’t have much to report. That being said, if you do want more regular insights into our goings on then you may want to check out our exclusive Patreon feed.

I think that’s everything from us here.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the free games.

The Curious Dreamer

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