Friday Update #1

So it’s been a hectic week and obviously we’re not finished yet. However, for this week we have

  • Got the site up and running
  • Created a functional Game Store
  • Uploaded 3 free to download games
  • Sorted out the family games from the mature ones
  • Uploaded logo’s and demonstration art to Superverse: Origins
  • Started work on 2 brand new titles “Champions Showdown”, and “How To: Drink The Beer”
  • Generally lived like a baller

I think in reality that’s all we can ask of ourselves really. Next week we plan to finish more of the website, upload more demo art for our game’s store pages, create a company logo and maybe have a 4th game online.

Dreams are only made reality one step at a time.

See you then,

The Curious Dreamer


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