Friday Update #3

Hello! This may very well be the first time you’ve visited us here at Curious Dreamer Games so if you would like some free printable games then click the menu above that says “All Ages Games“.

I say that knowing this week I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on this website. Which should make for an interesting Friday Update. If this isn’t your first visit you may notice it’s much prettier. I’ve also done all the background bits like SEO and Contact Forms etc etc. So I thought it best to begin with a welcome, and to show any new visitors where to get our free games.

So Curious, what else can you tell us for the friday update?

Well I’ve continued work on two other games which I hope will be live soon. Firstly we have a card game titled Champions Showdown. This game features battles between Ninjas, Pirates, Superheroes and Zombies. I wanted the game to be able to played without a table. Because of this there are only 12 cards in the deck. This was to focus on a game that can help pass time whilst waiting in line for something. I soon realised the game has much more potential though and so began to develop extra sets of rules. What I’ve ended up with is a simple game that can be played in 4 very different styles. Hopefully every customer will find one that suits them and their friends best.

Next we have a new Ages 18+ Game titled How to: Drink The Beer. It’s a party game that has one player asking for help with how to do something. Other players then need to draw cards with random items that the first player may need, and they’ll have to explain to that player why they’ll need them. I’ve been laughing to myself quite a bit whilst writing it and hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun to play.

Finally, my Patreon page is up and running. So if you want to be the first to get your hands on these games, or if you’d like to have a say on the games I make next, then it’s as simple as checking out and becoming a patron.

I believe that’s it for this friday update.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to Curious Dreamer Games.

The Curious Dreamer

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