How to Drink the Beer

Friday Update #4 – How to: Drink the Beer?

Our new how to game ‘How to: Drink the Beer?‘ is live. The game is completely free, printable and can be downloaded right now! Check it out in the Ages 18+ Games section above.

‘How to: Drink the Beer?’ is a new adult party game for people who love conversation, out of the box thinking and problem solving. The game has a very simple concept with 1 player asking how to do something, and the other players being tasked to create three-step guides.

Question Cards

The game comes with 44 question cards. Each question begins ‘how to’ and has been written from the perspective of a drunk person searching for answers online.

How to Drink the Beer

I know that seems like a strange choice, but lets face it. We’ve all been up late at night, searching something on google, and grammar just doesn’t seem as important as finding out ‘How to lick elbow’. I know I’m not alone on this.

Questions vary from the often asked, like ‘How to Find Love?’ to the more specific, like ‘How to Enable Cookies?’ to the downright bizarre, like ‘How to smell colours?’ Of course, whether anyone can actually answer these questions is of little importance. Usually you’ll find the player who used their answer cards most imaginatively will be the winner.

Answer Cards

The game comes with 160 ‘You Need’ cards, each listing a unusual, and often seemingly useless item.

How to Drink the Beer

It’s then up to the players to draw these cards, each time describing how the item listed can be used to attain the question askers goal. The players draw 3 cards per question, with each card representing 1 step in a 3 step plan.

This may sound easy, but trust me it’s harder (and crazier) than you think. Using the sample cards of the sledgehammer, bath tub and studio audience above, do you think you could explain how to get fired using those 3 things? If so this is the game for you!

Other news

Everyone here at Curious Dreamer Games has been hard at work on not just a how to game of course. This week we’ve put the final touches to the website and made checking out in the store much easier. We’ve also been hard at work on our next game, Champions Showdown. We were hoping that title would be up this week but sadly perfection takes time. Hopefully ‘Champions Showdown’ will be live next week.

That’s all the news from us here.

Enjoy our How to game and enjoy your weekend.

The Curious Dreamer

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