Update Details on our Latest Project

A quick post to update you all on our latest project, what we have going on at the moment and what we are working on in the coming weeks.

Our Latest Project (Pugject?)

The past few weeks we here at Curious Dreamer Games have been hard at work on our next game. What we’ve come up with is a simple game about saving Pugs from a pet shop over run be devil dogs!

Latest Project


The Game itself is suitable for ages and can be played with a standard set of playing cards. Obviously it will be much easier to play once we’ve finished the official cards for the project. Each card will list the special rules for that card and have some fun details about the pugs pictured. The cards will also double as playing cards if you want them use them for other games like poker.

Latest Project

How to Play?

The game is incredibly simple and involves carefully choosing which of the face down cards to turn face up and reveal. Each card has a special rule that takes effect when they are revealed this way. There are also cards that must be avoided, in the form of devil dogs known as “Beelzpugs”.

For a full description of how to play and a full list of each card’s special rule, check out our Patreon Feed where we’ve just shared a post that goes into the specifics.

Latest Project


Once we’re finished and the cards are completed we’ll upload the game for you to play here. Or if you like in the mean time check out our Patreon page on how to play with standard playing cards.

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