Not the Credits we Need, but the Credits we Deserve!

The Herocave is live!

What is the Herocave you may wonder? The Herocave is a list of credits and thanks for everyone that’s helped us get this far. Find it here.

Whether it’s giving us your opinion on a colour scheme, feedback after play testing or modelling for a picture in the game we are incredibly grateful and eternally thankful.

A special thank you goes out to anyone who’s been kind enough to create free fonts or design software, and release them into the world. These people were the inspirations as to why we chose to release games for free, and without the tools they provided we would never have been able to create the things that we have.

If you feel you should be listed on the Herocave but aren’t, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us using our new contact form page.

And if you would like to see your own name on the Herocave then simply become one of our Patreons and you’ll be added to a special cateogory called ‘The Libery Guild’.

Thank you to everyone involved once again, your help means everything.

The Curious Dreamer

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