Patreon Feed and Expansions

Good news to anyone looking to support us, our Patreon Page is officially up and running. Patreon is a website that lets people donate some money to us each time we release a game, in exchange for some special offers and exclusives.

What is Patreon?

As it says on their website “We want to help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income.” Creating things for free online may be a lot of fun, but sadly it doesn’t pay the bills. Luckily, Patreon allows anyone to become “a patron” of their favourite artists, which helps to support them. In exchange, patrons receive special rewards from the artists they support, which are unavailable to everyone else. Patrons are usually afforded more insight into certain projects and can often give feed back on what they want to have produced. In essence, Patreon brings creators closer to those who enjoy their work.



How it works

Our page is set up so that donations are taken each time we release a new game or expansion. You can set exactly how much you want to donate each time that happens. You can also set a ‘per month’ limit. That’s for the (somewhat unlikely) event that we release multiple games in a month. (Quite frankly, making games takes a very long time.) We will try to put something out at least once a month. Just so you always have something fresh to play.


You can donate as much as you like, with rewards starting from donations of $1. If american dollars aren’t your local currency, I can only apologise. However, I promise you can still donate and you can still receive the rewards. It just means that your bank will need to work out the exchange rate. Sorry.

Donations range from $1 to $100 with increased rewards each time. At certain levels you’ll be able to vote on what games we make next, or see your own name recorded in the Herocave. We’ll also be making any new games available one month in advance of anywhere else for $3+ Patrons . The first of which will be going up soon, as we’ve been working on an expansion to How To: Drink the Beer. So please check it out and help us to bring you new games.

Other news

You may noticed we also have a new expansion listed in our 18+ Games section. It’s the first expansion to I’d Watch That as we’re very proud of it. Please feel free to check out I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Thank you for reading and your support.

The Curious Dreamer



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