How to: Assassinate the Postman? (Expansion)


A free expansion to the free How to: Drink the Beer

A tie in game for Cheesemint’s ‘Super Happy Kill Time

All new assassination themed game play

78 new cards that can be added to the original game for longer play.

30 new ‘How to’ cards which ask even wilder questions .

48 new ‘You Need’ cards to  make even crazier 3-step guides than before.


‘How to: Assassinate the Postman’ is the second expansion to the free card game ‘How to: Drink the Beer‘ and a tie in to the upcoming Cheesemint Productions web series ‘Super Happy Kill Time

This expansion is themed around the life of an assassin, and includes all new ‘How to’ questions cards like “How to Assassinate the President’s Daughter?”, “How to Assassinate the Pilot Mid-Flight” and (of course), “How to Assassinate the Postman?” for even longer and more diverse game play. Also included are brand new ‘You need’ items like “A Screwdriver”, “Night Vision Goggles” and “Shoes That Light Up” which will really test the limits of your players imaginations and ingenuity when creating 3-step plans to assassinate all these targets. Each card included in this expansion can be mixed in with, and added to the original game.

How to: Drink the Beer has very simple, story focused game play that lets players be creative and is fun for anyone listening. Endlessly replayable plus great for a parties and watching people have to think outside the box. Perfect for any player, regardless of how unfunny, quiet or shy them may feel!

How to: Assassinate the Postman? is for Mature Audiences only, and preferably those who don’t mind talking nonsense whilst trying to figure out how a mug of soup helps you assassinate a reality tv star.

Product Details

  • Unlimited Downloads Upon Purchase
  • 78 new cards overall and 1 title card
  • 30 new ‘How to’ cards
  • 48 new ‘You need’ cards
  • 3 or more Players
  • 18+ Audiences Only
  • PDF File Download
  • 5 Black and White Pages
  • Requires Printing and Cutting Out

Credits and Thanks

Check out the credits and thanks in the Herocave, for the people who made How to: Assassinate the Postman? and all our printable games possible.


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