Champions Showdown


A Free Card Game about Fantasy Showdowns!

Versatile and competitive gameplay.

Choose from Superheroes, Zombies, Pirates and Ninjas.

Four different games in one which means four different ways to play.


Champions Showdown is a free trading card game for all ages about epic battles between Superheroes, Zombies, Pirates and Ninjas.

Each trading card features a colourful character and a list of fun facts about them. Every character falls into one of four factions, and each faction has a set of rules on how to play.

Superhero Rules – A slow-paced game, designed to be played without the need of a table. Players create their own super heroic battle scene by making chains of cards. Each card has a character that can beat, but is also beaten by another character. Players take it in turns to reveal characters from their hand, and add them to the chain in an attempt to make the other players pick up all the cards. Perfect to play when spending a long time waiting in line, and great for those who enjoy thoughtful and methodical gameplay.

Pirate Rules – A game of deception, designed to mimic the feel of playing with true sea-dogs. Players must perfect their skills in lying and deceit to cheat their way to victory. Each player has to discard the cards from their hand, but is limited to which cards they may discard. If a player is caught lying about the card they discard, then they’ll have to pick up all the cards and start anew. Easy to understand but tricky to master, and great for those who enjoy bluffing their friends.

Ninja Rules – A of game prediction and manipulation designed to be competitive and fun. Each player takes control of one of the four factions and wages war against the remaining three. Each round players must choose which characters to send into battle, and which opponent they would like to eliminate. However, there’s no guarantee that a character will survive the encounter and may be discarded at the end of the round. A game that cares less about who wins, but who remains. Great for those who like to challenge and outwit their friends.

Zombie Rules – A fast-paced game designed to be frantic and crazy. Players race to be the first person to lay all the cards from their hand. Cards need to be laid in a certain order, and players need to shout out the names of the cards to lay them. Only the fastest players get to lay though, and the card allowed to be laid next changes from second to second. Get it wrong, and players have to take their cards back, and wait for someone else to lay before they can lay again. A hectic game full of craziness and great for the quick-witted and mad.

Who will win? Who will survive? Who will you choose? Find out in Champions Showdown!

Product Details

  • Completely free to Download
  • 2 or more Players
  • Friendly to All Ages (Adult Supervision may be required)
  • PDF File Download
  • 2 Colour Pages
  • Includes 12 Trading Cards, 4 Rule Cards
  • Requires Printing and Cutting Out

Credits and Thanks

Check out the credits and thanks in the Herocave, for the people who made Champions Showdown and all our printable games possible.


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