I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo (Expansion)


An expansion to the free game I’d Watch That

72 new Plot Cards written for people with a ‘distinct’ sense of humour.

Brand new Plot Card type, the ‘&’ Card to expand your gameplay.

4 new Award Tokens to hold even more bizarre Award Ceremonies with.

Aim to be the Funniest, Strangest or most Offensive person playing, and then feel even more terrible for it afterwards.


‘I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo’ is the first expansion to the free card game ‘I’d Watch That’.

This expansion includes several cards with new phrases like “playing the role of…”, and “in a film critics are calling…” to allow players to create new and different types of films. Also included are brand new ‘&’ cards which add their own rules to the game and expand a player’s finished movie idea. There’s even 4 new Award Tokens to bring new award ceremony categories to your games!

I’d Watch That has very simple and face paced game play that can be as competitive or casual as your group needs. Endlessly replayable and great for a movie buffs and cinema dunces alike. Perfect for anyone looking to laugh but with a… shall we say ‘unusual’ sense of humour!

I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo is for Mature Audiences only, and preferably those who can see the lighter side of some shocking or offensive movie ideas.

Product Details

  • Unlimited downloads upon purchase using an account
  • 72 new Plot Cards
  • Brand new Plot Card Type; The ‘&’ Card
  • 4 new Award Tokens
  • 1 Rules Set
  • 2 or more Players
  • 18+ Audiences Only
  • PDF File Download
  • 5 Colour Pages
  • Requires Printing and Cutting Out

Credits and Thanks

Check out the credits and thanks in the Herocave, for the people who made I’d Watch That 2: Electric Boogaloo and all our printable games possible.


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