How to: Drink the Beer?

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A Free Card Game about How To Guides!

Creative, discussion based game play.

Invent three-step guides that require a series of random items.

Ask age old questions, like how to find love, time travel and pet angry dogs.


‘How to: Drink the Beer?’ is a party game that lets players find out exactly how to do things using simple, three-step guides made up by the other players. Want to know how to find love? How to quit smoking? How to drink the beer? Then this game is for you.

The question asker draws a ‘How to’ card and reads it aloud. Each ‘How to’ card is written in the style of a drunk person searching for answers online. The other players then take it in turns to draw three ‘You Need’ cards and explain in detail how these cards will help the question asker. Each ‘You Need’ card has a number of potentially useless items listed on them, but it’s the player’s job to turn these items into three strep guides to success. Once the question asker has heard all the guides, they choose the best one as the winner and the game continues, with someone else asking ‘How To?’

Very simple, story focused game play that lets players be creative and is fun for anyone listening. Endlessly replayable plus great for a parties and watching people have to think outside the box. Perfect for any player, regardless of how unfunny, quiet or shy them may feel!

How to Drink the Beer is for Mature Audiences only, and preferably those who don’t mind talking nonsense whilst trying to figure out how oiled biceps help you to rollerskate.

Product Details

  • Completely free to Download
  • 3 or more Players
  • 18+ Audiences Only
  • PDF File Download
  • 13 Black and White Pages
  • Includes 44 ‘How To’ Cards, 160 ‘You Need’ Cards, 1 title card, 1 Rules Set
  • Requires Printing and Cutting Out

Credits and Thanks

Check out the credits and thanks in the Herocave, for the people who made How to: Drink the Beer? and all our printable games possible.

3 reviews for How to: Drink the Beer?

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Red (verified owner)

    This game got my dad talking about his solo porn career. 11/10 would lol again

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cerys (verified owner)

    Played this game with the 18+ family members at Christmas and we all howled with laughter. Our only criticism was that we would have happily played for longer but ran out cards.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    debbiexallen (verified owner)

    Played this with family members throughly enjoyed it, laughed till I wet myself, great fun!

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