Superverse: Origins

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A Free Tile Game about building Superhero Origin Stories!

Choose from a number of ‘Alter Ego’ Archetypes.

Gain Fantastic Powers and Abilities.

Become a Hero to Score Points or become a Nemesis to Steal Points from your friends.


Superverse: Origins is a fun, free tile game for all ages that lets players creating their very own superhero origin stories.

Players take it in turns to lay tiles and aim to make chains of yellow, red and blue tiles to score points. Each yellow tiles displays an ordinary citizen, soon to begin their hero’s journey. Red tiles displays a unique plot point which helps build toward a complete origin story and scores the player some points. Blue tiles end the story with citizens embracing their new powers to become a Superheroes! But be wary of anyone who lays a Green tile instead of Blue, because that citizen will become a Nemesis and steal points from other the players rather than scoring them.

Very simple to learn and with enough depth to make slightly more competitive games interesting. Or players can simply forget the points and play together to come up with the best superheroes stories! Child (and newcomer to Superheroes) friendly, with enough Origin Story tropes to amuse Veteran Comic Book Fans.

Will your citizens answer the call and become the heroes this city needs? Or will evil win out with a Nemesis claiming victory? Find out in Superverse: Origins!

Product Details

  • Completely free to Download
  • 2 or more Players
  • Friendly to All Ages (Adult Supervision may be required)
  • PDF File Download
  • 3 Colour Pages
  • Includes 32 Playing Tiles, 1 Cover Tile, 1 Rules Set
  • Requires Printing and Cutting Out

Credits and Thanks

Check out the credits and thanks in the Herocave, for the people who made Superverse: Origins and all our printable games possible.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Red (verified owner)

    Awesome game, a lot of fun!

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