How to Stop the Runs

A New ‘How To’ Expansion!

We here at Curious Dreamer Games are very please to announce the launch of our first expansion to the popular 18+ game ‘How to: Drink the Beer‘. Today we are proud to introduce to you ‘How to: Stop the Runs‘.

The Core Game

For those unfamiliar with ‘How to: Drink the Beer‘, it’s a very simple party game for people with a wicked sense of humour. Each game has one player ask a question, like “How do I find love?” or “How do I time travel?”, and the other players have to provide a 3 step guide to answer the question, using an assortment of random items found on the cards included. If you’re the sort who likes trying to explain why you would need Oiled Biceps to help you Rollerskate, then this is the game for you.

How to Drink the Beer


How to: Stop the Runs Expansion

How to: Stop the Runs‘ is a brand new expansion that adds 30 brand new ‘How to’ cards. New questions included are “How to make money fast?”, “How to sense danger?” and (of course), “How to Stop the Runs?”.

How to Stop the Runs


Also included are 48 new ‘You Need’ cards. These are the cards you’ll randomly draw, and then have to use when explaining your 3-step guide. The new cards include things such as “A Taser”, “Public Breastfeeding” and “Therapy”.

How to Stop the Runs


It should be noted that this expansion can be found under the 18+ section. Some of the content is really for adult eyes only. However, we’ve found through play that how “adult” the game gets is really up to the people playing. The game only provides items and questions, it’s up to you and your imagination to fill in the blanks after all.

How to Stop the Runs


How to: Drink the Beer and it’s this new expansion have very simple, story focused game play. It lets players be creative and is fun for anyone playing or listening. Endlessly replayable, plus great for a parties. And watching friends have to think outside the box is always entertaining. Perfect for any player, regardless of how unfunny, quiet or shy them may feel.

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